I should and shouldn’t be doing this right now…

I am starting over with xanga as I am no longer the person I was when I was 18 and started my first site. Not to mention am not very proud of the site name which gave a little indicator of my self-esteem level at that point in my life. My main priority is my family, as my main priority should be, hence MamaVents.

So Hi! I’m here and I am not quite sure what I have on my mind today( night rather, its nearly midnight). I am sick with one of those darn “summer colds” which makes everything hushed and foggy and turns me into that creepy mouth breather when either on the phone or while trying to sleep. I got to spend time with my daughters today, since I left work early due to previously mentioned illness. Of course when all you want to do is cuddle, the kids don’t want to sit still. Well, the baby got two nice naps in while I tried to catch some Zs while still keeping at least half an eye open on my 3 yr old. Well, she broke a miniature ceramic donkey that we kept hidden behind the bar that was my grandfather’s and I gave up on rest. She did okay  later at my folks’ house while I worked on laundry; she only lost an apple somewhere in my sister’s room and put on a stomping fashion show with all of my sister’s heels. silly

I should get some sleep while the children are actually asleep at the same time! But I really want to finish my book tonight too… Decisions decisions.


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