At least I do something useful at work…

I have been completely useless lately. I have attempted naps the past two days in the middle of the afternoon, when I actually have time at home to do something productive. Clean the house, for instance, as many family members will be in town for a family wedding. Or organize my desk to have space to myself for reading, billing, blogging, writing, or gaming. What is the most frustrating is that I couldn’t fall asleep!!! I was wasting time and not resting, double useless. Perk: I got some cuddle time in with one or both of my kids.

Last entry was one that never was. I began blogging in hopes of appreciating the storm that was rolling through SE Wisconsin, but got interrupted as I found my three year old running around outside in it, as she is now tall enough to open the storm door herself. She absolutely LOVES puddles. I let her run around as it was not scaring her and was not cold enough to worry about her getting chilly while wet. Then promptly undressed her in the back hall and let her roam in a towel-dress for a while. The blog, though lost, it was lost to a moment which was better than completing the thought.

Time for more Mama duties: bedtime attempt number 1 for the evening. All forces: GO!


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