Well, at least I am good at doing something.
Overreacting is a specialty of mine and I was having a very petty pity party this morning. Work is rather overwhelming at the moment. Then throw in some stupid woman hormones and I “can’t do my job”. I hate the feeling of pure defeat and that is how it felt. I was readying myself for a day full of nodding and agreeing and breathing until it would be all over. But, the big baddies from corporate are not coming after all; freaking out was useless.

 So, I need to get my stuff together. Because being behind on paperwork and unprepared for a serious meeting is really what was causing me to freak out. I have to use my week off to get my stuff together at work and at home. I am really looking forward to it; I relish in the purging of the outdated files and the organization of necessities. The only stinger is that I need to stand up for myself and TAKE the time to maintain the organization. It is not something that I can afford to let slip again, for my sake and for my staff’s sake.

What is something that you put off until the last minute?
What was the worst repercussion for the procrastination?
Did you do it again?

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