Moving…in the right direction.

We signed a lease for an apartment today. Which means we are moving out of my grandmother’s basement, at long last. Now to survive my family for the next month until we actually move. To say that they are going to be disappointed will be a supreme understatement. My family depends on me to be here for my grandmother whenever I am not working. She likes to know where I am at all times, you see. Now I am very lucky that my grandma is still here, plus mentally she is as fit as a fiddle. That alone is quite an accomplishment at her age, almost 93. However the stress of taking care of her and the obtrusive expectations turn me into someone I do not want to be, someone my children do NOT deserve. So we are leaving in a month; I made sure to let my whole family know as soon as possible so that the planning process can begin.

Ben and I had a great weekend together and with our respective friends and families. We got to really discuss our future as a family and it has gotten me really excited for the turn our life is taking. We have been starting the process of buying a house, but that is on hold. Ben is here and gone for the next two or three years with his job, so it isn’t the best time to buy a house for us right now. Baby steps here we come! I am really excited about having a bathroom with a tub, that works and where the water doesn’t wreak. But really, there is a lot of excitement to come for us, I am not going to dwell on the petty things.

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