Ben is going to be staying in West Virginia until about March. We found out this week, but I knew it was going to happen since I heard his roommates had each had second rotations there. I am actually okay with the news, because I knew it was coming. I am very lucky to have a great support system here at home. Also allowing me to see everyone, that he misses, daily or weekly.

What I am not okay with:
Let’s start with the superficial- his cat
He still is pooping where he can find carpet in the same room as his box. Plus Xavier, the cat, is really lonely and whines A LOT.

The tougher stuff- missing his smell on his pillow

– doing his clothes in the laundry
– not getting his opinion on house hold mini dramas or decoration/ organizing joys of having a new place

The toughest stuff- the girls

Charlotte asks where her daddy is and I have to tell her at work, we will see him in a month (3 weeks from Thursday) for a visit.

When he comes home and Daphne takes her time to go see him.

When Charlotte cries about missing him.
A little back story:

Ben and I can handle this because we have done it before. When he started grad school in Denver (we live near Milwaukee) we found out we were expecting Charlotte. So I asked Ben to record his voice on a tape so I could play it to my belly in order for her to be comfortable and soothed by his voice. It is a very nice tape with a little history of us and some readings from the Tao De Ching and the Tao of Pooh.

I decided we should listen to that tape last night. I think it might be a weekly routine for us. Daphne hadn’t heard it before and it has been a few years since Charlotte didn’t know she was listening to it.

So we are doing what we can: Skype, phone calls, texts and all that. I just hope he is doing well with less distractions and no family base around him to ground him and keep him moving. I am just so grateful that he is safe and only 750 miles away. We get monthly visits. We are so lucky.

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