Spring Break during Winter

My oldest has been off of school all week because of “Spring Recess”. (I am grateful she hasn’t had school because we have all had a horrible cold germy thing all week. She is down to a mild cough, no more fever or leaking eyes or nasal congestion.) I am rather annoyed that their break is so early or that they still call it spring recess, not sure which is the real bone I’m picking here.

It is the second week of March. School is ending this year on June 17th, which is two days later than originally scheduled because of the horrible weather we have had this season. Therefore, the kids have a full three months of school left after this break. They no longer align breaks with the Easter holiday, like they did when I went to school, which I understand. But they could have slid it another week or two toward actual spring and it would have broken up the semester a little better.

March 20 is the vernal equinox this year, which is fairly only next week. But we live “Up Nordt” and we will likely still have snow on the ground until the week after next (if not longer). Calling this time off Spring Recess is just making the school district look more incompetent than normal. Come up with a new name or put it back in the season of spring, not this lazy, uncreative and inaccurate one.